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With Optical Escapes, contemporary artist Shanna Ferris, creates eye-catching original artworks. 

All imagery is infused into an aluminum panel through a professional dye-sublimation process, not just printed on top of it. This makes a more radiant print than you could ever get with traditional photo paper or canvas!

Each piece of art is then sealed with a brilliant, durable gloss which only further brings out the beautiful colors and makes the artwork scratch-resistant.

Captivating IMAGERY

Every artwork is laboriously designed to create a perspective that is captivating and unique for you, the viewer.

The imagery of Optical Escapes strives to break through your commonplace routine by drawing you in to pause and enjoy each piece of art, bringing a sense of wonder into your home and daily life.


Captured Across the CONTINENT

The imagery seen in these works is a culmination of travels over the North American continent, 22 states, and far too many cities to count. Ever-exploring, these regions and the new content they bring, will only grow and grow.

Every single work has its own unique origin story - read each one on the product pages in the shop.

WhiteSands_Water_01 (1).jpg


"Wonderful to meet you - I'm Shanna, rhymes with banana.

I've been a photographing the world and compositing images for as long as I can remember, and probably even before that. I constantly have my "photographer's eye" out for anything, even in the seemingly mundane, that can be seen as striking in some way. 

I thirst to capture everything that is new and intriguing in this world. I want to see the entire world through a lens and then flip it upside-down, mix it up, and combine it into something absolutely beautiful and new.

Now, "Why metal art?" you might ask. Well, metal has always been a part of my life. My dad has been an abstract metal artist for 30+ years, so when I started to push my photography work and tried printing on aluminum panels, I was absolutely hooked. Metal runs in the Ferris blood.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about my work, or simply to ask what my jam of the moment is (Life Itself by Glass Animals)!"

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